18 July 2009

Spice Up Your Memo Board

Bulletin boards come in handy but I can't thing of many things uglier than a big ol' slab of cork. So I whipped up something a bit more pleasing to the eye.

What You'll Need:-corkboard: I found this set of 4 6x6 boards at Michael's, but you can get a sheet and cut it down to whatever size you prefer.
-fabric: This set of 4 coordinating pieces of fabric also came from Michael's. I like having each board be a different pattern, but you can use just one kind of fabric if you'd like.
-fabric scissors: unfortunately I only have paper scissors with me (thankfully the edges are hidden for this project)
-craft glue
-double sided tape

Step One: Cut your fabric down to size
Using your corkboard as a guide, cut your fabric so it's about an inch bigger than the board on all sides.

Step Two: Secure one side
Draw two lines of glue on the corkboard and pull the fabric taut over two opposing sides. Press down.

Step Three: Secure the other sides

This took a bit of maneuvering, but maybe someone who's more adept at wrapping gifts than me would have an easier time with it. First, I put a dot of glue between the two sides of the fabric where they meet at the corners so they'd stay put. Then draw two lines of glue on the corkboard and across the folded fabric. Pull the fabric taut and fold over, pressing down while keeping everything in line.

Step Four: Repeat with the other four boards and let dry.

Arrange the boards in a grid and stick 'em on the wall with some double-sided tape.

You can throw things up there willy nilly or artfully arrange photos or souvenirs so the fabric acts more as a frame. The added bonus is they're also perfectly lovely to look at if they're not in use.

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